Actionable Insights for Lifelong Metabolic Wellness

How to Build Healthy Family Habits

Family is often cited as one of the biggest obstacles to achieving health and fitness goals, and understandably so. No matter how you define the word, “family” undeniably involves prioritizing at least one person outside of yourself. For families with kids, there are soccer games to watch, pizza parties to attend, and numerous other commitments…

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What to Eat Before and After Working Out for Weight Loss

They say you can’t outrun a bad diet, and if you’re looking to improve health and performance, that’s certainly true! Individually, exercise and nutrition are powerful agents in the journey towards longevity, but they’re stronger when paired together. That’s why it’s vital to make strategic food choices before and after your workouts — you’ll be…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Longevity

Time is arguably the most precious human commodity. You can’t get back the time you spend. However, with the right lifestyle choices, you can maximize the amount you get. There’s no shortage of opinions, ideas, and suggestions for how to live the “right lifestyle” for longevity. This short list of longevity dos and don’ts will…

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Your Guide to Healthy Restoration

There’s no avoiding it — stress is a normal part of life. But instead of letting it wear you down, try giving your mind and body a break with healthy restoration practices. Let’s dive into why restoration impacts your weight-loss and longevity goals and how adopting proactive strategies will help return your health and vitality…

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5 Tips for a Healthy and Balanced Halloween

There’s no use pretending — we’re all going to eat candy on Halloween, aren’t we? And that means we’re going to put our metabolic health to the test, year after year. But food should be fun, especially around the holidays! So, we’ve put together a few strategies to help you eat those sweet treats with…

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Your Guide to Healthy Sleep

If you want to feel peppier, be healthier, and live longer, healthy sleep is essential. Unfortunately, up to one third of adults have difficulty getting quality shut-eye — so if you’re struggling, you’re not alone. Better sleep can pay huge dividends, so let’s look at what constitutes “healthy sleep” and how to achieve it. What Is…

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Your Guide to Healthy Movement

You probably already know that movement is important to your health, but you may not know just how important. A single bout of exercise can improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, and optimize metabolism. And if you exercise consistently, even better. Research demonstrates that individuals who regularly meet minimum physical activity guidelines — about 25 minutes…

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Your Guide to Healthy Eating

Seemingly every week, there’s a new headline touting a different diet as the ultimate path to health. Paleo, plant-based, keto, Mediterranean — they’ve all promised health with a capital “H.” Yet one diet recommends what the other prohibits, so it can be pretty confusing to decipher what, exactly, “healthy eating” means. We’re here to simplify…

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5 Recovery Strategies to Reduce Stress and Live Longer

The concept of yin and yang is a familiar one: It’s a natural state of balance where two opposite phenomena are harmoniously interconnected. Rest and stress are similarly connected — you need stress to grow, but you won’t reap the benefits (and actually grow) unless you also have sufficient rest.  If you’re like most adults,…

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